Negative Thoughts

Now more than ever, it is important for us to realize that WE are in control of our thoughts. Thoughts don’t just “happen” to us. They actually are our “creation”. Since media, news, magazines, etc. seem to be focusing more and more on what’s “wrong” with our economy, health system, society, etc…, it is no wonder that if we “allow” it, our thoughts tend to run through the same negative filter.  Unfortunately, once we go down that road we very quickly tend to personalize it and “bring it home” creating a series of “what’s wrong with me, my family, my job, my life…” and since we always find what we look for…low and behold, we get some powerful negative thoughts that if we allow it, can virtually destroy our confidence, our health and ultimately…our life.

Science is bearing out that “as we think…so we create our life.” Based on medical research, we find that when we think a thought (and dwell on it) we create a corresponding chemical (good or bad) to go with it, which in turn , creates an emotion and/or “feeling” within us. Based on these feelings, we act, or re-act accordingly. Thus, our behavior is based on our thoughts (good or bad).

It is not rocket science to know that negative thoughts and behavior will lead us down a path that is counter-productive to our health, success and well being. Therefore, it follows that the quicker we can DISMISS a negative thought, the less harm it can do. On a positive note, we find that based on the above, when we think positive thoughts, we create POSITIVE CHEMICALS in our system which are life enhancing.

So, long story short, how do we dismiss negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones? The best analogy would be to think of a spark from a fire place. If a spark (glowing ember) flies out of the fire and lands on your clothes, if you do nothing… and allow it, it will grow and do damage. BUT, if you quickly brush it away, (eliminate it) no harm has been done.

So, Step One, create a positive thought that truly makes you “feel good” when you think about it. It can be a vacation experience, doing what you love, accomplishing your goal, whatever, try to get a clear “visual” in your mind so that whenever you quickly bring it into your mind, you can see it, and it makes you smile and feel good.

Step Two, is to know that the conscious mind can only hold one thought at a time. So when a negative thought enters your mind, rather than allow it and/or dwell on it (where it can do damage) immediately override it (replace it) with a “good feeling visual”. Your body, spirit and mind will thank you for it. Because research is bearing out the fact that every thought you have is either “life taking” or life enhancing”, by using this technique, you are well on your way to a happier, healthier lifestyle.

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