Why Are We Here?

Only you can answer that, for all the answers are within you. All you have to do is to be still and take the time to listen.

For me, I believe we are not here to contemplate, but to “experience.” That is why we came here. We can contemplate on the other side. This is our “playing field” .If we sit on a rock all day humming we are missing out on all the interaction that this planet offers. As Dr. Wayne Dyer so aptly put it, “If we knew who was walking with us at any given moment, we would never be afraid again.” In short we are not alone. When we venture out and into life we doing so with guidance, if we choose to listen. Every encounter, every challenge is a learning experience. If we wake up and are breathing, we still have “stuff” to experience.

Sometimes we can make the simple very complex. As Leo Buscaglia often said, “We are at our best, when we are out of our mind” The saying “Just Be” is not a passive thing, telling us to be a blob, or a “bump on a log” ..actually being is a verb. It implies action, or “doing something” and indeed you are.
You are “allowing” yourself to receive intuitive “hits” as they come and act on them, moment by moment, without a lot of pre-cognition.
Interaction stimulates our thinking and creative process as does joy and laughter. In Doug Hall’s book, “Jump Start Your Brain” he tells us we are the most creative at five years old AND…studies reveal that the average five year old laughs more than one hundred times a day. By time we are forty-five and older tests reveal that we have lost as much as 90 % of our creativity on a daily basis. Interestingly enough, studies also reveal that at forty-five and above, we tend to laugh less that ten times a day. Also when we laugh it produces neuro peptides into our system, some of the most powerful “healing” chemicals we can make. In short laughter IS some of the best medicine. Also tests reveal that we are most creative…after a laughing spell.

What I also find fascinating, about the power of joy and laughter, is that studies now reveal that tears of joy, have a different chemical composition, than tears of sorrow. In short, our body is keenly aware of our “state of mind” and produces chemicals accordingly, good OR bad.

Bottom Line: Just “Be”….be Goofy, be happy, be you !

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