More and more in our society people are developing negative vocabularies and then they wonder why they aren’t successful. In the first place, based on scientific studies done in the sixties, we have learned that the sub-conscious is the “programming aspect” of our being. We know also that it is “voice sensitive”, specific to our own voice…in other words, what we say with our mouth, goes in our ears and “programs” us. Each time we say things like “I won’t…” or “I didn’t” or “I can’t”, we are placing limits on ourselves, when, in point of fact, we are limitless!
Did you ever notice how when you were younger you took so many more chances, so many more challenges you met head on, and so many more successes…without even giving it much thought? That’s because when you were young you were still “success oriented”. WHY? Because you came into this world a success! Think about it. We all had basic science 101, where we learned that when Mom and Dad got amorous and that magic moment happened suddenly the race was on with a gazillion sperm all racing to connect with one single egg and suddenly POW!…one connects and nine months later, out come YOU. Now, if another sperm had connected, it would be someone else, not you…but it didn’t happen that way. You connected, you prevailed, in short…you WON the sperm race! You entered this world a proven winner!!

That spirit still prevailed when you decided to learn how to walk. Think about it. When you were about 18 months old, you didn’t have this big magnificent brain you have now, you just had a little head, with a little body but you saw people walking around above you, thought it was pretty cool, so you wanted to do it too. So you got up, tried, fell down, skinned your knee, tried again, fell, bumped your chin, tried again, fell down and cried…did you give up? Absolutely not! You kept going until one day…”Hey, Mom. Hey, Dad. Look at me…I’m doing it!” …and the rest as they say is history.

Point is, when you go to work or the supermarket, or church…do you ever see anyone CRAWL in on all fours? And you say, “What are you doing down there?” And they say, “Who Me? I tried that walking thing once, fell down…don’t like it…staying down here!” Now as silly as this may sound, this is basically what we do as adults when we “give up” after one or two attempts. Truth be told, you would amaze yourself with all the successes you would chalk up if you would just keep going with the “knowingness” that you CAN do it. Change your thinking…Change your life!

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