Know this. No one else possesses your exact blend of skills, mannerisms, style, talent, etc. Now follow me on this…of all the billions of people on this planet…there has never been, in the past, now, or in the future…another human being exactly like you! This doesn’t make you “weird or odd”…it makes you extremely SPECIAL!

There is no such thing as an insignificant Human Being! It simply doesn’t exist.

Every individual on this planet has a uniqueness, not only unto him/herself…but to the others in this world. And here’s what’s really cool, there is a place for you and your “specialness” that will truly benefit this world greatly. It is important for you to KNOW this and never lose sight of it.

Think of a beautiful German cuckoo clock, hand crafted, humming along with precision timing. If you opened it and took it apart, and let us say it had twenty three essential key pieces to making it work, i.e, springs, gears, levers etc. So you say, “Okay, it takes twenty three pieces to make this clock work.” So you take one of the pieces, duplicate it, twenty three times, put the pieces back into the clock, and sure enough…it doesn’t work. Why?!? …pretty basic right? It takes all the different elements, each with their “uniqueness” working together, in harmony, to make this clock hum. Give you any ideas as to why our creator made each of us different? Imagine what an awesome world this will be, when we finally “get it” and start working together in harmony.

Madison Avenue would love for us to constantly compare ourselves to each other because that is how products get sold. We feel we “need” to have this or that, to be like other people. Sometimes, with a little help from our ego, they can make us feel that if we don’t have this or that, somehow we are inferior. So we try to “keep up with the Jones” or at least attempt to “dress like” everyone else at work, or school, emulate the “cool” people in our lives, so we can tell ourselves that we are also cool…and therefore fine. But we’re not “fine” because deep down we know we are not like, the others at work, or kids at school, or whatever. It is impossible for us to compare to anyone because truth be told…we are ONE OF A KIND! Which means we are without comparison! (By the way, this is one of the main reasons we get stress…because we try to compare to others and realize we can’t, because we are different.)

Realizing just how special you are, has nothing to do with conceit. It has to do with facing reality, or facing facts, if you will. Fact is, you are ONE OF A KIND. Before anyone can believe in you, YOU have to believe in yourself. This is the single most important ingredient in the making of a winning human being. Winning starts with the knowing that unless you sabotage yourself, you will become what you are created to become. Just like an acorn has been created to become an oak tree, your success is PRE-PACKAGED. You have the potentiality within you to be all you can be….as long as you don’t sabotage it.

Being “one -of-a-kind” is NOT a negative factor. It is a very positive one. Knowing that we have all these hidden, talents, skills and traits, is not enough, we have to discover them…and you’ll never know you possess them until you take some sort of action related to them. To paraphrase Mark Twain: “A literate person who doesn’t read is no better off than a person who can’t read.” Kind of like a fully loaded Ferrari at the starting gate revving it’s engine but when the signal is given to “go” it just stays there. You won’t know what you can do…until you try. There are a great many things in life, both large and small, that can be made much better because of “coming in contact with you and your uniqueness”.

You owe it to yourself AND this world to share your uniqueness with us. Stop holding yourself back . Go for it. You were born to succeed. Don’t get discouraged. Sure there will be obstacles, but these are “learning tools” believe it or not…to help us. You are your only limitation. Take your foot off the brake knowing the path to your success is already there…inside you. Listen to your heart, and go for it.

To paraphrase the German philosopher Goethe: “Before you can DO something unique, you must believe that you ARE someone unique” and thus it stands, “As you believe…so you become.” Imagine just how far you could go if you were your biggest fan…instead of your worst critic?

Bottom Line? Learn to become your own best friend!

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