Joseph Giampapa is a Professional Speaker, Self-Empowerment Specialist and Humorist helping people learn the best tools for building success. Here is a man who truly walks his talk! He is a Lover of Life and holds with the adage that "There is no such thing as a insignificant human being". He holds with the belief that we hold within us "unlimited potentiality" (we just need to be shown how to tap into it.)

Whether it is a corporate training seminar, a keynote speaking engagement or a full on workshop, to quote one participant... "He will make you laugh...make you think...and most of all...he will touch your heart!"

Recognizing Mr. Giampapa's unique background and expertise, he has been asked to speak before a wide range of specialized groups such as: The Western States Conference of MENSA (Keynote), UNLV Medical School, Western Conference of Family Practitioners, as well as various College and University Departments, to name a few.

Holding advanced degrees in Communication, Theatre and Sociology coupled with decades of research and practical application, here is a man who knows whereof he speaks. Whether he's sharing personal stories that will touch your soul or relating humorous incidents that we can all identify with, he is a storyteller extraordinaire helping us to learn and understand concepts without even being aware of the fact that we're are learning them.

Bottom Line: Let your people experience this man...They will love you for it...and you will love yourself for having done it!